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On-demand High Quality Training Data, for all your Data & Artificial Intelligence projects

Team trained and professionally managed, to help you build Quality Datasets at a competitive price.

How it works

Step 1
We study your needs

We propose a tailor-made assistance, taking into account your constraints and deadlines.

Step 2
We find an agreement

We find an agreement which is convenient for you. It does not lock you into several months of services or platform fees: no monthly subscription, no commitment - we charge by the job.

Step 3
Our Data Analysts process your Data

We bring together a team of Data Analysts in our Service Center in Majunga (Madagascar). They are paid for their time and are incentivized to get tasks right. Our team is led by one of our Experts: your main contact.

Step 4
We carry out a Quality Review

Management and Quality Assurance team stay in the loop for all your projects.

Step 5
We deliver the Data

We provide you with the prepared data (various datasets: annotated images or videos, revised and enriched static files, etc.), according to terms agreed with you (secure transfer).

Labeling / Computer Vision

Our analysts are trained in image annotation techniques, and can help you prepare large Datasets (Training Data) in a short time, at a very competitive price. We can use your tools (platform accessible via Internet) or our own labelling environments (Label Studio instance on our server, JSON or XML extracts delivered via secure transfer).

Sentiment Analysis / Natural Language Processing

We can help you analyze sentiment from textual sources, on large amounts of data. Our analysts are English and French-speaking and can manually identify the sentiment of a text (“human-in-the-loop” process).

Documents & Data Processing

We can help with your most time-consuming data processing tasks: from transcribing scanned documents (via OCR analysis and manual reviews), to transcribing audio files into text format or entering data into your systems. 

Data Moderation

Our data moderation experts help monitor your online activity (websites, social networks) – to help you control your online reputation.

Data Gathering

Our analysts are experienced in collecting data from various sources, for a chosen theme (example: set of images on “Madagascar”. Such Dataset may be used for the needs of an image annotation / supervised learning project). As accuracy is necessary for this work, our process relies on manual searches complemented by automated checks.

Why choose Innovatiana?

Trust relationship

All the tasks entrusted to us are managed by one of our Experts, based in Paris, France, who brings together a team of Data Analysts to meet your objectives.

Secure & Confidential

Before accepting any project, we assess the criticality of the Data you wish to entrust to us. We deploy the best information security practices to protect it.

Competitive and flexible pricing

We offer flexible terms and conditions, for a pricing that fits your means and purpose. We charge by the job (example: "label 50'000 images with bounding boxes"): no subscription, no set-up fees. We don't lock you into several months of service or platform fees!

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Smooth and Secure Outsourcing of Data Preparation for AI

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