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Our mission

It all starts with our team located in Mahajanga, Madagascar.

We strive to connect them to digital opportunities, and involve them in tomorrow's disruptive innovations and projects. We want to leverage the Artificial Intelligence revolution and create Tech jobs in Madagascar.

We support startups and innovative companies. We give them the opportunity to outsource their Data Labeling and Data Preparation activities and rather focus on the essentials: their algorithms, their business.

Aïcha & Nicolas, co-founders of Innovatiana

Meet our team!


Co-Founder & CEO (Paris, France)


Co-Founder & CTO (Paris, France)

Our Data Analysts

Innovatiana Mahajanga, our Data & AI Services Center

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Why choose Innovatiana?

Trust relationship

All the tasks entrusted to us are managed by one of our Experts, based in Paris, France, who brings together a team of Data Analysts to meet your objectives.

Secure & Confidential

Before accepting any project, we assess the criticality of the Data you wish to entrust to us. We deploy the best information security practices to protect it.

Competitive and flexible pricing

We offer flexible terms and conditions, for a pricing that fits your means and purpose. We charge by the job (example: "label 50'000 images with bounding boxes"): no subscription, no set-up fees. We don't lock you into several months of service or platform fees!

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Smooth and Secure Outsourcing of Data Preparation for AI

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